Saturday, March 05, 2016

Money Can't Buy Me Love, or Happiness

According to Cash Money & Marvelous, the secret to longevity and happiness is fairly easy. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, man, find an ugly woman and make her your wife.

I'm not sure about the sincerity of that sentiment, if I'm being honest. So I was happy to find a different source on the subject. Harvard professor Robert Waldinger is the director of the university's Study of Adult Development, a 75-year longitudinal study of a cohort of men from first Harvard and then working class Boston.

The study, one of the most ambitious and successful of its kind, tracked the lives of its subjects from early adulthood through their entire lives. The data are incredibly revealing about the things that are most important in longevity, health, and satisfaction with one's life. And at the very top of the list, the thing the researchers have found to be the single most relevant factor for happiness, is the quality of personal relationships. Put more simply, good friends and good family equate to happier, healthier, longer lives.

Or even more simply, being a Gheorghie is good for you, as long as you make enough mini-summits. God bless you, you magnificent bastards.

Marls and I are putting a down payment on longevity this weekend, heading to Baltimore for some quality Tribe time. The liver-pickling we'll do will probably balance out the benefits, to be sure.

Tune in here for dispatches from the CAA Tournament, or whining about how the Tribe lost in the first round.


rob said...

nice work by fogtb jerry beach recounting last year's epic caa semi between the tribe and hofstra:

Danimal said...

Martinis, Jameson, wine, and ending w White Russians describes impromptu happy hour yesterday as well as this morning's hangover.

Will the jmu game be on today?

rob said...

definitely on in this area, danimal - check your local comcast channels.

Danimal said...

Not on here. Will look for updates here. From you. Every 3-4 minutes.

TR said...

Pat Conroy's best friend was the father of former fratre Nelson W. News is a bummer. Prince of Tides and (especially) Lords of Discipline were epic stories. I believe the two of them went to the Citadel together.

The actor who starred in Lords of Discipline was great. He had a good mini-run in Officer and a Gentleman and Firestarter, and then Patrick Swayze stole his career.

Whitney said...

So, Rob, long before Cash Money & Marvelous there was Jimmy Soul in 1963 singing if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life ... get an ugly girl to marry you. Even Dave knows this one.

Also, before Ice Ice Baby there was a David Bowie and Queen song.

T.J. said...


Donna said...

Tribe wins!!

Mark said...

Watching Carolina-Duke after an afternoon at a local Belgian beer fest. Slightly drunk and thinking about uniform numbers. Here's my top 5:


This is strictly my opinion, obviously. Other number opinions welcomed.

Shlara said...

I just ran into Connie Brittton at the Nashville airport
I did not get a photo with her
And I wanted to scream "oh my god you're Tami Taylor!"
But I didn't do that.
Her little toddler almost ran into me and I looked up and she was right in front of me so I gasped and told her I'm a big fan and her son is darling.
She looks amazing in person and her hair is incredible

Dave said...

i love connie britton-- best wife ever in friday night lights.

TR said...

Nothing says slightly drunk like putting six things in a top 5 list.

I'm sucking down Long Trail IPAs and showing my boys old wrestling matches. Hogan-Bundy in the cage from Wrestlemania 2 and Savage-Steamboat from Wrestlemania 3 were big winners.

Mark said...

Connie Britton is great. Her turn as Faye Resnick in The People vs OJ Simpson is tremendous.

Clarence said...

Tribe knocks off Hofstra only to lose in the final again, right?

zman said...

I've always liked the sequential numbers: 12, 23, 34, 45, 56 etc. Prime numbers are under rated.

Mark said...

Guilty as charged, TR. Also, Savage-Steamboat is fantastic.

rob said...

2 is unquestionably the best uniform number.

tribe will obviously lose at some point.

connie britton is all kinds of hot.

hello, gheorghies

KQ said...

Helllooooooo Gheorghies from Mr and Mrs KQ on birthday/date night.

Clarence said...

'ello, gheorghies

Sup from Colorado