Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Definitive World Cup Predictions Come True!

Unbelievable. I am so fucking clairvoyant. One month ago, I made some World Cup Predictions. Check them out if you don't believe me.

I predicted Spain would beat the Netherlands in overtime in the World Cup Final. And they did.

I predicted I would tie Jerry in the Yahoo World Cup Fantasy League. And I did. Pay up.

And I predicted that a clairvoyant squid would make some fantastic predictions. That one isn't exactly right, but it's damned close. I didn't hear anyone else claiming the Nostradamus of cephalopods would manifest itself.

So I don't have to cut off my left testicle. I got a bit nervous, but Castilla's boot saved my nut.

G:TB. We have the answers one month in advance.


TR said...

RIP, Bob Sheppard. Nobody said Alvaro Espinoza's name like you.

Dave said...

so rob couldn't dvr the game and maintain a cone of silence . . .

rob said...

i'm incapable of such a feat of concentration.

rob said...

i heartily approve of the subtle postcount inflation

Dave said...

i'm thinking of starting to semi-fictitiously work backwards on "sentence of dave" until i reach the day i was born and have a sentence for every day of my life. i could take educated guesses as to what i might have written about in the past. it's a good idea but far too ambitious for me.

i've got a mini-summit post almost finished, hopefully it will be ready to go tomorrow.