Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Underdogs Worth Mentioning

"No school this small has...."

Giving the fellas some national pub: Congrats boys, on the school's first ever district championship!

**Before you are aghast in horror; don't worry, I would never knowingly direct young impressionable minds to this site. Unless they have a trust fund replete with a marketing budget aimed at the 18-35 demo.

Another underdog to keep in mind this evening as you bounce over from LOST.........
Your Duke Blue Devils look to get things back on track against the Carolina Turd Heels. Odds of seeing Tyler Hansbrough weeping in a bloody puddle set at 3:2, while odds of Dick Vitale suffering a stroke are off as of now. I'm sure I speak for everyone at Gheorghe (not named TJ, Whitney, Rob, Mark, Rhymo, and probably Dave) when I wish the Devils luck tonight.

Also, keep an ear to the ground as the 'Cuse and the, now bubble-iscious, Penn State Nittany Lions seek huge road wins (with apologies to G:TB fav, Purdue) in the 7-o'clock hour tilt. Lions tip off at 6:30 actually, so adjust DVR accordingly...

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Rhymenocerous said...

According to ESPN, "the NFL won't be the same without Favre."

Um, it will be fine. And take that noose off your neck, Peter King.