Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Test 53: Last Words

This week on The Test, Cunningham knocks it out of the park with a quiz on famous last words from literature.

But wait . . . there's more! Stacey explains why she couldn't name her dog Walter White, Cunningham is right again, Dave explains the difference between white power and white powers, and Stacey's eyes get mad at her brain. By the end, you'll know your ass from your Waymunding.

Check it out, keep score, and enjoy the superior sound quality of season two.


Mark said...

Following up on a couple comments from last night. I strongly agree with TR's point on Javie's collar. Not sure why any adult male who wear a button down collared shirt with a tie.

LeBron was great, as was Kyrie, but Draymond's absence was a huge factor in that. He's not only a fantastic individual defender but perhaps an even better team defender. If Golden State wins game 6 he's your series MVP.

While Kevin Love was indeed awful, Id make the case that Harrison Barnes was worse. 2-14 and that doesn't fully capture how lost/scared he looked.

Shlara said...

I went to bed before the end of the 3rd quarter, I could tell that LBJ was in the "we're not losing this game" mode.
And I love it.

Will be interesting to see how (if?) GSW bounces back.
Draymond will be back in play--but his emotions are high risk for GS and LBJ is using that to his advantage.
Bron is WAYYYY smart--that step-over was a chess move and I'm expecting more of that from him on Thursday.

This is the drama I've been looking forward to!

TR said...

I just bought two pool rafts for my boys for "Friday Raft Night" at our local degenerate pool club. I bought an "emoji poop" raft and a "toilet and seat" inner tube. That's how we roll.

Dave said...

i don't think scatological humor is EVER acceptable at the pool-- it gives me caddyshack flashbacks.

TR said...

So I guess you don't want this, Dave:


Whitney said...

They call those "caddybacks," Dave

Whitney said...

Different than pickle backs.

rob said...

breaking: g:tb will endorse a presidential candidate tomorrow. alert the media.

rob said...

huh, so pete rose is a petty, whiny bitch? i didn't see that coming.