Monday, March 04, 2013

Peanuts Clan Ain't Nothing To F**k With

Snoopy style...

An artist named Mark Drew has made my day by creating pieces that incorporate Charles Schulz' seminal comic strip Peanuts with lyrics from the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, N.W.A and Public Enemy, among others.

Now this is the kind of art I can support.

And if you want beef, then bring the ruckus...
Peanuts Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck with
Straight from the motherfucking slums that's busted...
Peanuts Clan ain't nuttin ta fuck wit


zman said...

Again an' again!

The first Wu-Tang song I heard was "Method Man" while home for fall break in 1993. I returned to the Burg with Wu-Tang fever, and engaged in conversation with a guy from the hipster frat who was regarded as the most esteemed hiphop fan at W&M, to whom I shall refer as "Schmandy." I asked him if he had heard of the Wu-Tang Clan; he hadn't so I told him he needed to. I then asked if perhaps he had heard the single without knowing the group's name, and I spit a few bars for him.

His response: "Anyone who samples Hall and Oates sucks. No way are these guys any good."

rob said...

big day, gheorghies

TR said...

It's hard to start a brag with the phrase "I'm in Pittsburgh," but I'll try. I'm in Pittsburgh for work, and going to see the Penguins-Lightning game tonight with management of the company who has naming rights. In the box, which means fancy food but terrible sight lines.

I'm gonna bet I'm the only one here who will have been to the old Igloo and the new Consol Center. For those of you scoring at home, this is my fourth time in Pitt in a year. #baller

Whitney said...

Maybe you people can help me with something I am struggling to comprehend:

So over the last few years I have gotten to be friends with this ex-Navy pilot who is now at the medical school studying to be a thoracic surgeon. Great dude. His wife teaches at my daughters' school, where her two daughters go and are friends of my kids. She has taught both my girls, she's adorable, and about the nicest person you could ever meet.

Happy surprise, she gets pregnant last year and they are having their third girl. Due in April. Happy, even though he's in school and she's on a teacher salary. Never dimishes their smiles. You may have seen them at our wedding shindig in January.

So last night something terrible happens (I haven't heard definitively what) and she is rushed to the hospital. And cannot be resuscitated. The baby, 8 months along, is in ICU, and she is gone. They named the baby girl after her.

Can anyone please explain how such events can possibly make any sense at all? Seriously, how does one even process how shit like that can happen to people like that? And it happens every damn day.

If anything, it helps me understand what makes our friend Clarence like he is, and why embracing this life and the people that make it meaningful is much more than idle fodder for an office wall or a Facebook post.

Live well, people. You never know when the music's gonna stop with nary a chair left in the circle.

Whitney said...

I do apologize for morbid content, and I do expect and encourage dipshittery immediately following, but if I can't turn to my FOG:TB in troubled times, where am I gonna go?

Dale's Pale Ales are easing the angst. In lieu of someone actually providing a an answer, a legitimate salve to the cosmic clusterfuck of friends dying that has plagued me/us for over a decade, how about some dick jokes and Gheorghian tales now, please?

Mark said...

It's not much but I played pickup ball with Doug Fluite tonight. Nice guys, as always. And as always, it's fucking amazing he played in the NFL.

TR said...

Malkin and Crosby are good at the hockey.

This arena is tremendous. Fans are totally locked in. And they have Chivas in the box.

Sorry for the news, Whitney. Is just as awful as the NYC news about the hit-and-run guy who killed a pregnant orthodox Jewish woman and her baby.

mayhugh said...

I am in New York right now and the crash is the only thing on the news (you know, aside from the potential massive snow storm coming). Terrible story, driver still at large with a price on his head.

Horrible news Whit. I grew up with a girl who was born under similar circumstances. Obviously was not easy for her dad or her. These things almost never happen so you always wonder why they seem to happen to good people. No easy answer.

Donna said...

Hey Whit, the news you shared is just horrific. So sorry! I don't know why stuff happens like this - I don't think we can know.
Some of you know that I was married before (young and stupid, right?!), no kids in that one...I just learned this past weekend that my ex died. He was 45 two weeks ago. And while he wasn't healthy by any means (had done major abuse to his body for 20 yrs pretty much), it's still confounding. He leaves behind a wife and 2 boys, who are my boys' age.
So, while I don't think there's anyway to understand tragedies to the point that gives us peace, I think what we take from them is exactly what you said - live like it matters because this is no dress rehearsal!
On lighter note...did y'all see the report of the kid from New Rochelle high school in NY who sunk a 55 foot basket at the buzzer? Wow!

T.J. said...

got a little dusty in my cube just now

Danimal said...

Very very sorry. Just when I thought I was going to take it easy today out here in the land of wine bonging, I am going to think often of these people today and charge very hard. Yesterday/last night went hard with fogtb and wm hof'r t.walt....#1 in your hearts and #69 in your program. Make a difference today people. I am going to.

Greg said...

Incredibly sad. Be thankful for the ones you have. While you have them.