Thursday, October 28, 2010

DNP:CDs...The Pistons Hate Georgetown Alums

Night 2 of the NBA Season had a shitload of games. This endeavor is already wearing on me. But what the hell, let's take another look at those players deemed unworthy of starting a NBA game, at least according to their head coaches (except the Nets, Hornets, Grizzlies, Spurs, Jazz and Warriors - they saw fit to throw everyone out there last night)...

First, let's get the injured guys and league suspensions out of the way - by definition these are not DNP:CDs.
Delonte West (Celts)
Joey Dorsey (Raptors) - Apparently Dorsey took a swing at Brian Scalabrine and got a one game timeout.
Tyreke Evans (Kings) - Tyreke likes to drive verrrry fast
Brandon Rush (Pacers)

"Better get used to it" DNP:CDs
Semih Erden (Celts)
Mario Chalmers (Heat) apparently finds himself in a spacious 5 bedroom, 4 bath doghouse with no chance of exiting
Jordan Hill (Rockets)
Patty Mills and Luke Babbitt of the Blazers

"You might be bad if you can't get some run on the 2010-11 Cavs"
Joey Graham, Leon Powe and Manny Harris I'm looking at you

"Georgetown Haters"
DaJuan Summers and Greg Monroe (Pistons)

"Obvious Pac 10 big man bias. You see cases break out like this all over the country this time of year."
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Jon Brockman (Bucks)

"Larry Brown simply hates you" - Bobcats DNP:CDs
Matt Carroll and Sherron Collins

DeShawn Stevenson (Mavs)

"Pacers were over their limit of suited-up honkeys"
Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansbrough

"Hey old man, how did you even get in the gym?"
Anthony Carter (Nuggets)

"Kevin is very disappointed in you guys"
Royal Ivey, D.J. White and Cole Aldrich (Thunder)

"Miscellaneous dudes at the bottom of the page"
Tony Battie (76ers) - Still in the league, eh?
Shawne Williams (Knicks)
Andy Rautins (Knicks) - Obvious anti-Canadian bias.
Julian Wright (Raptors)
Lazar Hayward (Twolves)
James Johnson (Bulls)
jason Collins (Hawks)
Jermaine Taylor (Rockets)
Brian Cook (Clippers)

Bonus DNP:CD fun for the comments - Check out the Wiz roster and predict who Flip keeps nailed to the pine tonight.


zman said...

I came back from a relatively long and filling lunch, sat down at my desk, and let loose a lengthy but silent fart. About 10 seconds later, my (new) secretary stormed in with a question, froze, backed up a step, and left as quickly as possible after I responded. So it looks like I'm making a great initial impression.

T.J. said...

T.J. said...

I think the Wizards need to sign this lady to at least a 10 day deal. Her and Yi can ham it up in the locker room.

Dave said...

igor used the term "boogie-ing down" for what we were doing 21 years ago to "paul's boutique." that term and the number 21 makes me feel really old.

Shlara said...

Teej--this DNP-CD feature is one of my new favorite ideas on GTB.

I think Yi and Nick Young will earn this honor tonight. Flip isn't a Nick fan...

T.J. said...

Shlara, with Gil out, I actually think Nick is the starter.

T.J. said...

Whoops - I'm already disrespecting Mr. Hinrich.

T.J. said...

I'm pretty sure defense will be optional in tonight's Fla St/NC St game.

Mark said...

Who's rooting for 300 yards and 5 TDs from Russell Wilson tonight?

>this guy<

T.J. said...

JaVale McGee might have a very rough night. Just a guess.

T.J. said...

The Wizards cannot play a lick of defense.

Shlara said...

This is not a good start to the Wiz season...

Mark said...

The Wiz are fucking awful. Actually awful isn't a strong enough word. Flip Saunders might commit suicide by the All-Star break. And that would be a tremendous show of restraint on his part.

Igor said...

Holy cow. Based on your collective comments, I pulled up the Wiz box score from last night. I'm . . . not that strong an NBA aficionado these days, but wow, do I not know those guys. Those no-names take me back to the Bullets of 1995-96. (Minus someone like you-know-who.)

rob said...

voldemort played for the bullets?