Friday, September 18, 2009

The Nats, the Ghoogles...and Please Get Jim Breuer Off My TV

Well, it looks like the hometown nine are going to cost me a case of beer. With last night's 4-2 loss to the Phillies, the Nationals now stand at 50-96 with only 16 games left on their schedule. The Pirates, despite apparently giving up months ago, still hold a 7 game "lead" over the Natty's in the loss column, and the Royals are even farther out of reach (59-87). In fact, the Royals seem to be hellbent on keeping the Tigers out of the playoffs, having taken 6 of their last 7 from the AL Central leaders...letting the Twins climb to just 4 games back with a huge weekend series looming between the Twins and Tigers.

And since I'm here, some of the most recent searches that brought folks to G:TB. Mark, you might want to think about dialing up Todd Bouman again...there seems to be an odd level of interest in the journeyman QB:
  • true story don marcari
  • todd bouman (five times)
  • Hey Bartender! Whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?
  • we got some canes over here (twice)
  • good websites to hear latest music
  • john rosatti murderer
  • "ben olson" ucla
  • kiki daire January 2003
  • john popper dating cheerleader
  • TB affected by old peoples
  • gheorghe in chinese
  • Gabriella Sabatini
  • what does click clack game mean
  • john lovitz fucking gay weeble
  • I am not mad. Just very, very dissapointed.
  • dewon brazelton girlfriend
  • "known to do the impossible like broadway joe" shirt
  • old pbs shows theme songs piano classical
  • Bodhi RIP
  • steve mcnair cinnabon
  • Better One
  • game on garth!
  • click clack balls
  • porn stars superbad
  • make fuc berzerker
  • pandemic vs epidemic
  • real tomato ketchup
  • Rob member of lonesome losers
  • tourfilter alternative
  • bodhi jed dalton
  • fresh prince pics
  • good music websites what are
  • Dave Parker all star game throw video youtube
  • Laces Out
  • Bodhi vs. dalton
Finally, I can't take this Jim Breuer Pizza Hut ad anymore. It's fucking everywhere. It's honestly on every commercial break during every sporting event I'm watching. Jim Breuer hasn't been relevant in years. He is not funny. I am not sure he ever was funny. Jim Breuer is making me hate Pizza Hut. I love Pizza Hut. This is not a good thing (unless you're my arteries). "Jackpot!" my ass you no-talent pitchman.

College football picks coming later today...I think...


Geoff said...

I enjoy every time Steve McNair and cinnabon appears on this list. It still gets hits over at the Wheelhouse too. Apparently Steve's locker room tricks involving his falice were even more well known than his penchant for carousing and bedding novelty restaurant waitstaff.

Mark said...

Too soon? Not for DC Geofferson.

TR said...

It appears the late McNair's falice created enjoyment for a lot of people, including a number of young women in Tennessee.

TJ said...

Bouman: The Blog is going to be great.

Shlara said...

Quick report on the Rhett Miller concert:
- Rhett is hot.
- The band has a chick drummer--really cool.
- They played a kick-ass version of Four Leaf Clover
- Amazingly, no one got engaged before or after "Question"
- Overall awesome show.

Rhett said that he's enjoying the tour with the Serial Lady killers b/c they'll play old favs that the 97s refuse to play, like Nineteen.

Very fun evening.

Jerry said...

Did the Mets clinch 4th place yet?

Whitney said...

The Mets could still tie the Marlins for 4th if they win all 15 of their remaining games and the Fish lose all 15 of theirs. The Mets still could finish in last, of course, but the Nats have something to say about that.

I've actually only been paying attention to baseball for the case of suds coming my way. This postseason could well suck really, really bad for my rooting interests. Phils/Yanks and I burn something.

Whitney said...

And Shlara, the 97's don't play "Nineteen"? It's one of their best! Wish I were a little closer to the solo tour stops.

Whitney said...

And guys, it's "phallus," not like Alice or malice.

And let me cut Teejay off before he replies, "You don't spell it, son, you eat it": that's gross, dude.

Dan said...

mr. whitney seems to be the authority on spelling/definition among the gheorghites.
who's the girl in the post? she makes me feel funny.

TJ said...

It's Gabriela Sabatini...

Dan said...

guess i should've looked at her face

jerome said...

Gheorge: The Blog surrounded by a ring of cheese.


Whitney said...

Gabriela Sabatini is my favorite athlete to watch of all time.


Dan said...

sabatini is a nice pull - haven't seen or heard from her in quite some time. i think i'm partial to gabby reese though...

Mark said...

I met Gabby Reece during an internship. Cool girl. I busted het chops about Fsu a bit and she was very good natured about it. She's also about ten times more attractive in person than I'd have ever guessed.

Whitney said...

How much taller than you was she? She seems huge.

rob said...

i'd accept the challenge.

and i wish that guy from rob russell and the sore losers would quit following me around.

Mark said...

Much taller. I'm horrible with gauging height but I'd say at least 6 inches.