Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be Careful Out There, People

Here's a twist on Teejay's usual weird news reporting. This happened in my town, a matter of blocks from where I live. On Tuesday night, two separate idiots in locations just a handful of blocks from each other, within hours of each other, drove their vehicles into buildings. I don't mean they pulled into a garage. And I don't even mean they merely hit the buildings. Their cars went through walls.

A 7-11 over on Granby Street and my neighborhood hardware store had gaping holes in them yesterday. A rush job construction repair means that you now can no longer see the hedge clippers and masonry nails on the shelves of the store while you sat at the stoplight at the adjacent intersection.

What are they putting in the water (or fire-water) down here?

Cars plow into Norfolk stores

By 13News,

An employee cleans up after the crash.

NORFOLK – Police say a man lost control of his car and careened into a convenience store early Wednesday. It happened around 1:00 a.m. at the 7-Eleven on Granby Street, close to the Virginia Zoo.

Officers say the driver got out through the front window and ran off, but he was caught a short time later. He’s charged with leaving the scene of an accident. No one in the store was injured, but the building was damaged.

Crews assess the damage to the Taylor's Do-It Center building.

Hours later, a vehicle ran into Taylor’s Do-It Center on 35th and Colley Avenue, knocking out large pieces of concrete at the building's corner. Crews were cleaning up the debris and working to repair the damage.


TJ said...

TR might have a personal anecdote he'd like to share here...

jerome said...

Taylor’s Do-It Center? That's what she said.