Friday, June 12, 2009

Yours Truly, Beer Troll Slurs

So I had a minute or two yesterday afternoon and stumbled upon one of the dumbest time-wasters imaginable. Obviously, I got sucked right in. Herewith, the results of plugging the G:TB staff into's Internet Anagram Server:

Teejay: Had Motel Joys

Yes, he did. Unfortunately, he can't remember any of them.

Whitney: Teeny Whistler

Sad but true.

Also, for Whit: Three Style Win (randy!) and Sterile New Thy (um, not so randy)

Mark: Hark He Smug

This anagram thingy is pretty freaking smart.

TR (we had to go with his full given name): Hazy Tern Vomit

Or, the alternative, which the political geek in me enjoyed, Man Rove Thy Zit

(Note from TR: If you use my full first, middle and last names, you get the splendid metaphor for my high school years: Variant Homely Zit)

Just for fun, I looked up Friends of G:TB Shlara (Racer Goat) and KQ, who's happy not to be related to the old salt from Jaws (Nae Her Kin Quint).

But nothing compared to the piece de resitance, from Dennis: A Balding Sour
He had 26,807 results, but I stopped after getting Yahtzee with this one.


Geoff said...

I've got Burger Off or Bore Gruff...both appropriate.

rob said...

see, minutes of entertainment, brought to you by the hard-working folks from g:tb.

rob said...

and boy did orlando gack that last night. i turned the game off and went to sleep in disgust after the lakers sent it to overtime.

Mark said...

I wish I had done that Rob. What a terrible fucking loss. How does Hedo miss so many free throws? Why couldn't Rashard get one fucking shot to go in the 4th? Why would Jameer Nelson slide back behind the 3 point line with the Magic up 3 and only 31 seconds left? Why am I typing questions to no one in particular when I should be working?

Whitney said...

Other favorites for my name:

Entree With Sly
Try Wet In Heels
Shitty Eel Wren
He Wrestle Tiny

Whitney said...

Anagrams for Gheorghe The Blog:

Herb Hog Egg Hotel
Boggle Her the Hog