Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Better Know Your Asshole Politician

Steve King (R-IA) just saw a black person on Capitol Hill
It's been a while since we dropped one of our signature 'Better Know' posts. Historically, we focus on minor league baseball mascots and the occasional Canadian Football League franchise. Today, a bit of a departure. I hope it's temporary, but there are lots and lots of potential entries in this particular category. Just wait until we get to Gohmert.

Name: Steve King

District: 4th District of Iowa

Tenure: 2003 - 2017, though technically he served the 5th District from 2003-2013, then didn't get the hint when the 5th was abolished and won election to the 4th in 2013.

Major Policy Issues: Healthcare, Agriculture, Immigration, Economy & Federal Spending, Unvarnished Racism

Legislative Accomplishments: Near as I can tell, based on a review of Congress.gov, King's accomplished fuck all in 14 years in Washington other than conclusively proving that he's soulless racist asshole. Maybe you can figure out where I've missed something.

Achievements in Jackassery: King made news this week for retweeting nationalist Dutch politician Geert Wilders, adding his own enlightened commentary.

David Duke quickly endorsed King's viewpoint, saying, "sanity reigns supreme in Iowa's 4th congressional district". By day's end, even Republicans were going on record to say that, "Hey, y'know, maybe that's a littttttle bit racist, bro. And we prefer our racism a bit more subtle." Paul Ryan said that King had maybe misspoken, but King clarified that he meant exactly what he said. It's refreshing, I guess, that racists are cool with coming out of the closet. Means we can see them coming.

So America got woke to Steve King's gross worldview this week, but this dude's been a fucking asshole for a long time.

He's compared immigrants to dogs, and suggested that America select them as if we were choosing the pick of the litter.

Predictably, he made an issue of Barack Obama's middle name during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

In 2010, he took to the floor of the House and insisted that racial profiling was an important part of police procedure.

He was one of 11 Representatives to vote against providing Federal aid to Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Because, blacks, I'm guessing.

I could go on. I won't because I'm becoming even more disgusted than I was when I picked up this pen* and started writing.

Fuck Steve King, and fuck a party that countenances people like him.


zman said...

Wipe that countenance off your countenance.

TR said...

I thought that was Schumer when I first saw the pic.

Lots of folks are super racist, Rob. The heartland is pretty awful, even among the college-educated folks I encounter. I know affluent people in St. Louis, Milwaukee and KC whose ideas of acceptable public comments are pretty terrifying.

Bombogenesis in effect in the tri-state area. It's a real word!

zman said...

We went to college with some people whose ideas of acceptable public comments are pretty terrifying.

I like to complain, but not about the weather. That said it's snowing here almost as hard as I've ever seen. I got a hand-me-down snowblower recently and this looks like a good excuse to blow snow.

zman said...

TR With Bombogenesis could be a good nickname. Joke for at most three.

rob said...

i'm sadly aware of the super-racism, tr. just disappointed that it's increasingly acceptable in the public square. maybe this is the last spasm of a dying ideology. or maybe we're tribal animals who'll never truly accept the equality of the other.

on a subversive tip, i'm unendingly amused and amazed by bomani jones' open exploration of the 'good to be white' (or as he not so subtly calls it, 'gtbw') phenomenon in sport. yesterday, he did 20 minutes on why we're cool with fighting in nascar and hockey and not in basketball. kudos to espn for giving him some room to run.

Squeaky said...

We got about 6.9 inches of snow so far. So not too much. We were supposed to get 12-20. I'd guess more towards the 12 number than the 20.

TR said...

We got about 12" of snow here in NJ. A not-so-nice topping of freezing rain is hitting now.

I think the issue of NBA fighting is that Stern got tired of seeing things spill into the crowd. You had malice at the palace, the Carmelo fight at MSG many years ago when he was a Nugget (I think), and the old Derek Harper fight when he was a Knick that literally fell onto the crowd.

rob said...

jones' point was that we celebrate fighting in nascar and the nhl, and we call guys thugs when they fight in the nba. there's one obvious difference between the participants. he's not entirely wrong.

TR said...

I hear ya, but that's an awful lot of generalizing. I don't fit into that "we" that you cite. I don't like hockey fights. And I would call Laimbeer the biggest thug I ever saw growing up.

Squeaky said...

He's got a point. Thug means the same as enforcer, right?

rob said...

in a country of 300 million folks, generalization is kinda unavoidable. but i take your point.

Dave said...

i'll do a little post on it tomorrow or later, but stacey went rogue and made a podcast in the style of "serial" about comic ari shaffir, who she loves and has been missing for a while. it's a tour de force! check it out . . .


Squeaky said...

Maybe Ari is hanging out with Richard Simmons.

Dave said...

i think that's part of the meta-joke of her thing, she's a big fan of that podcast.

rob said...

my daughter used to dance with a girl who had a batshit insane mom, the kind who makes the term 'dance mom' a deserving term of derision. always felt terrible for the girl, who wasn't a bad kid.

today, there's a facebook post circulating around my town's residents about a woman who accosted a latino kid at target and accused him of stealing soda, when he was just refilling a drink he'd purchased. there's a pic and a video of the woman, in all her better than thou bitchery. wanna guess who it was?

karma's a motherfucker.

rob said...

apparently it's going viral, so look for 'racist white mom' rolling out there.