Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Don't Blog After Many Beers

Two big items in the news for the nation's capital today.  First, DeSean Jackson. 

Whom not many of us Skins fans ever liked, except when he spiked/dropped the ball on the 1. And was immortalized for it in Silver Linings Playbook. Which I love. (Not this scene.)

More significantly to DC residents' lives, relative unknown City Council member Muriel Bowser knocked off incumbent mayor Vincent Gray for the Democratic candidacy for the upcoming mayoral election.  Which means she's in.

Why do I mention this?   The comedy factor, of course.  Gray was relatively well-liked (more than Sharon Pratt Kelly, less than Anthony Williams), but his 2010 campaign was tarnished with some scandalous periphery, and three now-former City Council members recently faced indictments for other dirty pool.  The District is sending a message that it won't stand for crooked politicians, which I think we can all support.

Here's a list of the city's current Council, for those who enjoy irony:

Name Position Party Took office Up for
Phil Mendelson Chairman Democratic 2012 2014
David Grosso At-large Independent 2013 2016
David Catania At-large Independent 1997 2014
Anita Bonds At-large Democratic 2012 2014
Vincent Orange At-large Democratic 2011 2016
Jim Graham Ward 1 Democratic 1999 2014
Jack Evans Ward 2 Democratic 1991 2016
Mary Cheh Ward 3 Democratic 2007 2014
Muriel Bowser Ward 4 Democratic 2007 2016
Kenyan McDuffie Ward 5 Democratic 2012 2014
Tommy Wells Ward 6 Democratic 2007 2014
Yvette Alexander Ward 7 Democratic 2007 2016
Marion Barry Ward 8 Democratic 2005 2016


zman said...

Did you really mean to post this?

T.J. said...

clarence, that is some superb formatting

Greg said...

Anthony Williams won't run for mayor again....but if Jaleel White still fits into his Urkel suit....(sorry...maybe Jerry might smirk at that...maybe not)

Geoff said...

Starts off slow...but then really delivers. Vote early, vote often:

Danimal said...

Putin - now on the market ladies!

Greg said...

Putin on the ritz!

Clarence said...

Hey, Greg, say this with a Russian accent:

Why was Vladimir Putin dumped as scrum-half for the Russian side?

Putin's not straight.

It kills at embassy parties. You can use it, but credit me later in the night after you get laid.

Mr KQ said...

If I was the marrying kind, and thank the lord I'm not sir. The kind of man that I would be would be a rugby... scrumhalf sir! Cause I'd put it in, you'd put it in, we'd all put it in together. We'd be all right in the middle of the night, putin it in together!

TR said...

Let the Julian Green era begin! Hood to watch this game in the Central time zone, where I have a shot at making it through halftime.

Dave said...

just used the silver linings spike/drop scene in class for logical fallacies -- one of my favorite movie scenes in history of film . . .

Dave said...

i am STILL recovering from this flu. i've lost my voice and still feel shitty. i haven't had a beer since last saturday -- 12 days ago. that hasn't happened since high school.

TR said...

I am in OKC today, taking clients to tonight's Spurs-Thunder game. My hotel is next to the arena. The Spurs are staying here. I got to ride an elevator with Patty Mills.


zman said...

And by "ride an elevator" you mean?

Mark said...

You're not staying at the haunted hotel in OKC are you, TR?

Also, just read the Deadspin article on Chad Curtis. Awful, awful dude.

Shlara said...

TR, please tell KD "hi" from me

Danimal said...

for the golfers out there...or guys.

Marls said...

I can't believe nobody commented on Geoff's video. F'ing fantastic.

I assume that the Teej has already joined her campaign staff.

Clarence said...

Headed to see Weezer in Richmond and party like it's 1994. Cheers.

zman said...

Photos please.

Clarence said...

Weezer was excellent. Loud and straightforwardly good.

My Name Is Jonas
Hash Pipe
Perfect Situation
El Scorcho
Surf Wax America
Island in the Sun
Beverly Hills
Dope Nose
Back to the Shack
Say It Ain't So
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Pork and Beans
Undone - The Sweater Song
Song 2 (Blur cover)

Buddy Holly

Dave said...

i used to love weezer so much -- almost as much as the cult, especially the pink album -- so when they fell from grace, they fell really hard . . .