Friday, January 20, 2012

Soundtrack of a Season, Part 2: Pam McGee Edition

Hope everyone enjoyed Part 1 of our "Soundtrack of a Season" series, in which we chose some apt tunes for members of the 2011-2012 Washington Wizards. I had grand plans of coming up with three new songs for three more dudes on the roster, but then I saw the Mike Wise article in the Washington Post, in which he interviews JaVale McGee's mom, Pamela McGee. If you have not read it yet, it is a doozy. I particularly enjoyed this "she doth protest too much" gem of a quote from Pam:
"He is not a knucklehead"

Some Wizards fans may disagree with Pam on that one (you can count me among that group). In honor of JaVale and Pamela McGee, I have chosen three appropriate tracks for today's installment (whittling it down to three was not easy). Hope you all enjoy.

And don't forget, vote JaVale for the All-Star team. Please. So he'll stop freakin' tweeting about it.

"Mother", Danzig: Just. Too. Easy.

"Only Mama Knows", Paul McCartney: Read the article. Pam McGee is quite certain her son is being underutilized.

And finally, for the Yacht Rock crowd, the Loggins and Messina classic "Your Mama Don't Dance". Pam may not dance, but she sure as hell knows how to lay a smooch on a NBA Hall of Famer.


rob said...

dave, best not let pastor rob read this post from 2009:

T.J. said...

Glad to see everyone loves these lame posts.

And great work with that link, rob.

mayhugh said...

Completely off-the-cuff question for your [mostly] male subscribers: Ever witnessed a dude in the bathroom washing his hands before he does his thing at the urinal (and not after)? What's up with that?

Danimal said...

i've done that many times, but after playing golf when a bit sweaty and dirty. i of course will do a post-wash also.
i'm guessing this person didn't play golf today. and did you stick around to see if he washed post leak?

zman said...

I wash my hands when I get to work because I hold the rail on the subway. You'll understand if you've ever grabbed a warm and sticky subway railing. I also used to wash my hands before touching my junk when I worked in a laboratory. No one wants acid or radioactive stuff on their delicates.

Greg said...

I always do a pre-wash when I'm having hot wings. Learned that the hard way.

Danimal said...

sorry...i see that he did not in fact wash after. that's too bad.

Dave said...

i use a lot of jalapenos when i cook, and i touch my balls a lot. terrible combination.

we are watching the original muppet movie with the kids-- ridiculous all-star cast. how did they get that many stars in one film?

T.J. said...

Because it's the fucking Muppets.

Dave, do you not pay attention to G:TB?