Saturday, August 06, 2011

Music Good and Not So Good

It's Music Season at Gheorghe: The Blog. We upgraded from a mere Music Month to a full season, simply because we can. And because we aren't organized enough to consolidate everything into a month. We've got a humdinger planned for September (which we'll likely forget), but in the meantime here's a little tidbit with a lesson attached.

On college rock radio these days, you might hear a tune called "Darling Buds of May" by a band called Viva Brother. You might find it catchy.

If you didn't already know who the band was, you might also find yourself thinking, "Boy, Oasis really sucks these days."

If you strolled over to MetaCritic to see what the rock journalist collective thinks about their album, you would laugh. It's an average score of 33 out of 100. These comments come from six different publications' reviews:
  • "might not be the worst record you'll hear this year, but it's certainly one of the most pointless"
  • "nothing more than a thinly disguised, crass attempt to smoke latent Oasis fans out of hiding"
  • "this debut is so lame, it makes the Beady Eye album sound like Let It Bleed"
  • "eager for attention they don't merit, while the lyrics seem to be about nothing"
  • "sets the cause of resurgent guitar rock back… ooh, a good 20 years"
  • "little more than a damp squib"
So why do I bring it up? The catchy single actually had me going until the chorus:
Because her birthday's in May
It is what it is, It is what it is
Because her birthday's in May
It is what it is, It is what it is
Two years ago, long before these assclowns went into the studio, I explained to everyone how I felt about the usage of this and other terrible phrases. They didn't adhere to my warnings, and now they are being held up as a standard of pedestrian lyricism for the world's mockery. Please, good people, when it comes to rock lyrics, let's think outside the box (heh heh), lest your stupid words end up in someone else's song.

As for music I do enjoy, some time ago, the Zman hooked me up with The Grey Album, the Fab Four/Jay-Z mash-up that came out seven years ago. For whatever reason, I'd never given it a listen, but I came across his CD when I was going through some stuff lately. At long last, I heard the album, and I'm a fan. Here's a sample (no pun intended), it's "What More Can I Say?" with a boost from George Harrison and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

Thanks to Zman for broadening my horizons and putting up with me being old and out of it.


Mark said...

That's my favorite song on the Grey Album. Better late than never, Ig.

T.J. said...

I don't believe I have ever heard that song either, and I too find it quite enjoyable. Gheorghe: the Music Blog ain't too shabby after all.

Mark said...

Where have you guys been? This "album" was kind of a big deal when it first hit the interwebs.

In completely unrelated news, a bunch of guys I play ball with and I often scrimmage some local high school teams to kick their ass and give their coaches a chance to have teachable moments thoughout the summer. This summer we scrimmaged one particular high school about a dozen times. Their coach wanted to thank us so he gave us all t-shirts. A nice gesture for sure. Problem is, the high school (where Greg attended) is one of my former high school's biggest rivals. i can't bring myself to where said t-shirt. Just doesn't feel right.

rob said...

so i shouldn't go ahead with the 'it is what it is' tattoo i'm contemplating?

Igor said...

Hey, Rob, here you go.

Igor said...

And Mark, you're right. I'm way behind the curve on this one. I have heard about The Grey Album since it got "released," but because it was unofficial, it was harder to track down than your average music. Always meant to, always forgot to. Like I said, thanks to Zman for teaching an old dog a new trick.

rob said...

found a russell family crest with 'che sera sera' as the motto. translates to 'whatever will be, will be'. or, 'it is what it is'.

rob said...

danimal - here are tiger's new kicks:

Danimal said...

Nicely done. Look comfy.

zman said...

You're neither old nor out of it, you just don't pay attention to some segments of the massive stream of music being pumped onto the internet. I similarly have never listened to the Old 97's; I know I should but it just doesn't happen.

If you liked this version of What More Can I Say then check out the Mighty Healthy/She's a Woman mash-up I also gave you. GFK rhyming straight over top of George Harrison with a little assist on the low end.

Shlara said...

Today is a big day for my BF Adam Scott.
So exciting!!