Sunday, November 27, 2016

Believe the Hype

Back in the halcyon days of G:TB, or at least the days when we gave a shit about college football (as a collective - I know that many of you still do), Mark and I used to make a pretty serious effort to preview the SEC Championship when our teams were involved.

That happened in both 2008 and 2009, and though I'm not one to brag, I think our work speaks for itself. In 2008, as a matter of fact, no less a sporting expert than the late, lamented Jerry said this about our prognosticating prowess:

Florida and Alabama met again for the SEC title last season, two programs in decidedly different places than they were in the late aughts. And they meet again next Saturday, champions of their respective divisions, to decide who holds the belt as the winner of the country's best conference. (Get out of here with that Big Ten nonsense. Two teams worth a shit and Wisconsin, who might have a puncher's chance to win the SEC East.)

That's Leeburg's own
Jonathan Allen
Neither Mark nor I have the time or inclination to repeat our earlier efforts. We're both still a little worn out from the exertion, truth be told. And if we're telling the truth, I haven't followed the Tide nearly as closely this year as I have in years past, a combination of apathy, coaching soccer, and Alabama's entertainment-sapping dominance draining my reservoir of attention. I'm a pretty lousy fan. Alabama doesn't need me, though. They're going to win, and win handily. Let's call it 34-10. Local kid Jonathan Allen's gonna score a defensive touchdown. And Jalen Hurts is only a damn freshman. That doesn't seem very sporting.

In the spirit of nostalgia, and of hoping to catch lightning in a bottle again, I asked Mark for his prediction. Reached on a barstool during the Florida/Florida State game, he offered this, "I reserve the right to change it if Florida continues to suffer a plague of injuries. As of now I'll say 40-13."

Careful observers will note that both of us predicted the same digits. So if there's a way to bet on a score that contains a 0, 1, 3, and 4, I'd advise you to get on it. The past suggests it'll be worth your investment.

Each of the previous three times the Gators and Tide met in the SEC Championship, the winner went on to close out the season as National Champions. Odds are good that Alabama will make it four straight - they're basically a professional organization at this point. Barring a gymnastics meet, or a dance competition, or a really good soccer game on television, I might even watch it.


rob said...

thinking about a family trip to nyc over the xmas holiday. any recommendations for hotels, family-friendly stuff to do?

Whitney said...

Anybody see the end of the Ravens-Bengals? 10 Ravens held and tackled 10 Bengals as the Raven punter stood there idle and watched time expire. Baltimore knew the penalties wouldn't extend the game. Brilliant.

zman said...

I like The Benjamin. It's in midtown. AMNH and The Metropolitan are must-see museums IMO. Infinite dining options, let me know if you want food suggestions. Scott's Pizza Tour might be fun and wholesome.

TR said...

Another solid hotel option is Parker Meridien. I think it's 56th, b/w 6th-7th. Starwood hotel, rooftop indoor pool, amazing burgers in lobby at the "secret" Burger Joint. Walking distance to Theater District. And reasonably priced.

If you make reservations early enough, go eat at Serendepity 3 at 60th and 3rd. Great food, better desserts. Ignore that a rom-com has the title.

If weather is okay, walk the High Line by the Meatpacking District and duck into Chelsea Market for food/shopping.The typical Soho stroll is family-friendly (Broadway/Prince/Spring) and good for the ladies. You can also walk the western part of Bleeker St to the West Village and get a cupcake at Magnolia's, made famous by Sex and the City.

Shlara said...

Rob--you should AirBnB in NYC--stay south of Times Square, I"m partial to Chelsea

And you MUST go visit the Tenement Museum in the Bowery. It's incredible
Check out what the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology--near Penn Station) museum is exhibiting and you will likely find something interesting there.
And go to the Morgan Library (in the heart of mid-town)
Skip the tree and 30 Rock and go to Bryant Park instead
One of your girls likes Eataly, right?---go there in the Flat Iron district
I agree with TR about walking along High Line
But I would skip Magnolia and go to the City Bakery on W 18th instead (also featured on SATC, I believe)--they are known for their hot chocolate and pretzel croissants.

I miss NYC, can you tell??

TR said...

Shlara is right about staying downtown, but Chelsea may have more of an intense gay vibe than even the most liberal dads are comfortable with if they have kids in tow. Flatiron and Union Square are right by Chelsea.

Don't sleep on a short subway trip to Brooklyn. Lots of great pizza/shopping/people-watching in Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg and/or Cobble Hill.

The Met is the shit.

Shlara said...

Totally endorse Flat Iron (my old neighborhood) and Union Square.
And if you're comfortable on the subway you should absolutely venture into Brooklyn

rob said...

finished season one of stranger things last night. strong to quite strong.

Clarence said...

Happy Monday, Gheorghies.

Here's hoping everyone's week gets off to a great start. It can be challenging coming back from a 4-day weekend that may have included travel, likely included some family time (which can be fun but stressful), and almost certainly included eating and perhaps drinking heartily. Here's to throwing yourselves into what you're faced with today and this week, and the best to each of you in achieving your desired results. Let's do this.

Your friend,

Danimal said...

I had a case of the Mondays until just now. Well done.

Squeaky said...

After a craptastic weekend, I needed that push to get everything geared back up.

zman said...

On the bright side, zfather-in-law is so senile that he doesn't remember the events of Thursday--he claims that he had a wonderful Thanksgiving with his kids and grandkids, which I think is great.

Danimal said...

TR - if you can think back to yesterday's opening kickoff there was a young girl who retrieved the tee. That is the daughter of my boss...he's a ha-yuge Dolphin fan. That's my story!

I feel so slow and girthy after days of drinking and eating. And I have more on tap for both tonight with a work dinner and tomorrow with a pal in town for biznass. I just had half a dozen trousers let out at the waist and it's only going to get worse. How do I stop?


Downward Spiral

Dave said...

definitely walk the high line and eat down below at Chelsea market. go in the art galleries around there too-- basically free weird modern art museums. the whitney is now at the end of the high line.

wish i were going to be around, but we'll be up in vermont snowboarding. the crowds will be nuts in NYC then, i think.

here's what cat and i di last time-- probably can't take the kids to "sleep no more" though, but maybe they have something else going on there . . .

i would do philly instead. more stuff in walking distance and the food is better.

zman said...

The food is better? Either you're trolling or your palate is garbage.

Clarence said...

He named his band after a filthy vehicle that serves food items called "Fat Bitch" and "Fat Fellatio" and has contents like: Cheese steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, turkey bacon, onion rings, marinara and french fries ALL piled on one sub roll for you to eat as one item (Fat Johnny) and you're just now assessing that his palate is garbage?

Marls said...

Fuck Monday and fuck 2016.