Wednesday, December 09, 2015

This Week in Wrenball: Interlude

Your William & Mary Tribe don't play again until December 18, taking a break for final exams, since they're actually students and all. And since we're not going to spend a lot of time talking about a predictable (although closer than the score might indicate) 67-52 loss at UVA, there's not a whole lot new on offer here today.

We could tell you about W&M's three remaining out of conference foes, but you're not here to read about Mary Washington, High Point, and Central Michigan. (If you are, welcome, freak.) We could recap the Tribe's journey to 5-3, but we've done most of that. And you'll hear plenty about Omar Prewitt, Daniel Dixon, Terry Tarpey, and the rest of the squad over the next few months, so we're not going to waste your time on stats and ephemera.

If you do a Google image search for '#2bids4CAA,
this is one of the top results.Blessed.
We'll waste it on quixotic quests, instead, which is something you'll be familiar with if you've been here for any length of time.

The Colonial Athletic Association enters play this evening with a 48-26 non-conference record. After a handful of relatively dismal years after the CAA's Final Four crest and subsequent exodus, the league has the 11th-best RPI at this point in the season. CAA teams have a winning record against the ACC, haven't lost in six tries against Conference USA, are 5-4 versus Atlantic 10 opponents, and even have a win over the SEC. Only one CAA team has a losing record (hey, Drexel, what's up?).

According to ESPN's RPI calculations, the CAA places three teams in the top 67, including your W&M squad. Northeastern beat 15th-ranked Miami. Charleston knocked off Ben Simmons and LSU. A bunch of senior-laden midmajor teams have more than held their own.

There's a word for what W&M and their CAA brethren are doing this season.



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If we're gonna go with 67 teams in the tourney, we may as well add two more. Just sayin'...

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Speaking of interludes, or ludes. I slept on 'The Epic' by Kamasi Washington but it is really amazing. Warning, it's about 3 hours of jazz. Broaden your horizons it's worth the trip.

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