Monday, March 12, 2012

Last Chance to Pay for Free Beer

Tickets are still available for tonight's Pints to Help Half Pints charity beer dinner at Birch & Barley in D.C. Join me, the Teej, the future Mrs. Teej, and Shlara for an evening of great suds and killer food. If this menu doesn't entice you, I fear you might not be human:

Victoria 2011 -  Allagash Brewing - Maine

Crudo of Hamachi
Pickled Fennel, Pomelo Beads & Mint
Beersel Mattina - Birrificio Del Ducato & Drie Fonteinen - Italy

Red Fife Ravioli
Housemade Bacon, Toasted Walnuts, Arugula & Green Peppercorns
Collaboration Not Litigation Ale - Avery Brewing & Russian River Brewing - Colorado

Grilled Ribeye of Beef
Confit Fingerlings, Black Trumpet Mushrooms & Butter-Braised Turnips
Smoke - Surly Brewing - Minnesota

Cave-Aged Valencay with Bergamot Marmalade
Without You I’m Nothing - Evil Twin (at Amager Bryghus) - Denmark

Pastore with Port-Glazed Figs
More Brown Than Black - Stone Brewing, The Alchemist & Ninkasi Brewing - California

Cave-Aged Colston Bassett Stilton with Honeyed Walnuts
Calva Reserva 2010 – Brouwerij ‘t Smisje - Belgium

Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait, peanut crunch ice cream, chocolate curl
Backwoods Bastard 2011 – Founders Brewing Company – Michigan

Idjit! -  Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri - Sweden

Executive Chef – Kyle Bailey
Pastry Chef – Tiffany MacIsaac
Beer Director – Greg Engert


Mark said...

All of this sounds delicious. A little heavy on the booze for a Monday though. A Wednesday or Thursday event seems like it would get a better turnout. But I'm just an old man. What do I know?

Danimal said...

i am in heavy training this week with wholesome food intake, loads of exercises, and water by the gallon. the weend of st. patrick is near.

zman said...

There will be bacon. I drink your Litigation Ale!

Danimal said...

or just exercise.

T.J. said...

This will be fun. As Mark points out, my Tuesday morning will be less fun.

rob said...

i have an 8-hour management meeting on tuesday. i'm going to be a joy to be around.

Shlara said...

The students of 826DC appreciate your commitment and willingness to sacrifice your Tuesday coherence for the cause.

T.J. said...

The Teej will also be trying new foods tonight, for a change. All for charity, of course. And beer.

T.J. said...

What the fuck is a "Crudo of Hamachi"?

zman said...

Fish on a cracker.

zman said...

I saw FOG:TB Jenny Elegance yesterday and she asked me "So ... who's in charge of the Gheorghe Twitter feed? Because I keep asking that person to meet for drinks and eventually I realized it isn't you."

mayhugh said...

TJ may want to bring his own bottle of ketchup tonight. Not sure there will be any on the table.

zman said...

Or French dressing a la Kwame Brown.

Danimal said...

so is gtb running a pool this march?

Squeaky said...

Food selection looks really good. But the beer selection looks awesome and tasty.

zman said...

You can't find this outside of a free market society.

zman said...

Why aren't the bulls Los toros?

Greg said...

Los Toros would have been fantastic.

zman said...

Brrr it's cold in here, must be some toros in the atmosphere.

Mark said...

The same reason the Heat are 'El Heat'. Because the NBA is lazy and they half ass their Noche Latino theme nights.