Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I'm on one of my semi-regular jaunts to the Twin Cities. As usual, I landed at MSP. made my way to the rental car lot, and turned on 89.3 KCMP, The Current, one of the great public radio stations in America.

This song came on as soon as I pulled out of the airport:

Fuck, but it checks all kinds of boxes. Haunting vocals from a dead cute Australian girl singer. Love, loss, longing. And, oddly, random scenes with international-standard basketballs.

From the blog that brought you Mumford and Sons before you knew who they were, keep your ears open for Amy Shark.


Squeaky said...

Dig the song but the video for me didn't add to the song.

I know I missed this item the other day but the F*ck You suit, that is awesome. Waiting to see the videos of people wearing that as they tell their employers, 'I quit'.

TR said...

Shark Sandwich > Amy Shark

Squeaky said...

Shark Bite > Shark Sandwich > Amy Shark

Mark said...

I've watched the first three episodes of The Defiant Ones and it's good. Really good. The amount of rare studio and concert footage alone is worth the viewing.

Whitney said...

This review is only two words: Amy Shit.

No, you can't print that, can you? You can't print that.