Thursday, July 06, 2017


The headline on the Paste Magazine story read, "Watch The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" Video Recreated Sesame Street-Style".

Based on our editorial policy, we're obligated to run with it.


Whitney said...

That was kind of weird. But cool enough for us. I did enjoy Oscar the Grouch as Bobby the Rookie.

Did not enjoy the sign Mushrooms Are Forever. So glad they're not!

Danimal said...

have heard a couple of these LCD songs to Z's comment in last thread. they were on one of the last SNL episodes of the season also - enjoyed.

TR said...

Here is a shitty story about the industry in which I work. A guy who does exactly what I do (research analyst covering oil and gas companies) at a large bank was at a work conference in Vail that had a skiing boondoggle aspect to it. He and some senior folks at his bank ended up on a gondola together while skiing. One senior guy pulled out a joint, and all 4-5 folks on the gondola enjoyed it.

Turns out one of those senior guys did not like the research analyst. A couple weeks later, the senior guy got immunity from his boss and then ratted the research analyst out for smoking weed. The guy got canned, and they clawed back his bonus from a few weeks before - the GROSS amount. The guy only got the net amount b/c of taxes, but had to pay the gross amount back. He also forfeited deferred comp. All b/c one dick who shared a joint w/ him decided to seize the moment and can the guy.

zman said...

Isn't it legal in Vail? I guess these guys are federalists.

Danimal said...

That's quite douchey. He should get a lawyer. Was he canned solely based on the smoking? And did he sign a waiver upon termination stating he agreed to the terms?
If not, he should call 1-800-ASK-GARY