Monday, July 27, 2015

Danimal Checks In from China

Sure, he's back in the States now, but that won't stop us from running this enthralling filler post. These are the emails rob and I receive from what I can only assume is a very jetlagged Danimal when he emails from across the globe...

Subject: Ni  Hao mother effers
Missing my gtb like crazy. 
You're probably in need of some filler. Just a hunch though. 


Subject: Sunny day in Tianjin
This place is such a effing dump.

Subject: Yo
Love me some Mankattan sponge cake bitches!

Some post trip additions....


Danimal said...

you forgot "the smoker's pole". or did you?

rob said...

usa vs mexico for all the marbles (or at least a few of the marbles, confederations cup version) on 10/9 at the rose bowl. jurgen klinsmann's biggest game in some time.

Danimal said...

Just stating fact here, not bitching. From the time I left my hotel in China to the time I land in Jax it will be just under 36 hours. You don't ever want to travel with me by air. Ohfer 4 or 5 of my last 4 or 5 trips. Thanks for listening. You guys are great.

T.J. said...

that bottom pic is gold, jerry. gold.

TR said...

Yankees are awesome this year. I did not see it coming. And I did not think the rest of the division would collective start sucking balls.