Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blogging Means Never Having to Say I'm Sorry

Several months ago, I was searching for a book to download to my Kindle app. I was headed out of town on a business trip, and wanted something to read on the plane. George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones was on sale for $3.99, and while I'd never watched the television show and don't consider myself much of a fan of the genre, I bought it on a whim.

You really had to guess my favorite character?
I'm now about half of the way through the fifth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dance With Dragons. This isn't a book review, so I'll spare you the details (ask Dave if you're into that sort of thing), but suffice it to say that this shit is riveting. Violent, detailed, ambitious, fast-paced, and complex, as a start. And violent, if I haven't mentioned that. Really, really violent.

This isn't a post about Game of Thrones, though.

I apologize.

I've been so caught up in Martin's Westeros that I've let just about everything else in my life slip. My car's oil needs to be changed. My lawn's a fucking trainwreck. I'm about four months overdue in filing my HOA's tax return. I haven't watched more than five minutes of the NBA playoffs. And I sure as hell haven't posted anything worth a damn here on G:TB.

Tractor beam, sucked me right in.

That'll end soon, R'hllor be willing and the Trident don't rise. A Dance With Dragons is the last of the series to be released, and I'm probably ten days or so away from completing it. And when I do, I'll unleash a holy torrent of top-notch Gheorghey content on your melons. Buckle up, gentle readers. I'll try not to kill off as many important characters as does Martin. But you never know who'll play Ned Stark in our little game of doofii.

Until then, enjoy one of the most popular YouTube channels amongst the teen set. These dipshits have more than 4 million subscribers, and if my kids had their way, they'd sit on their asses and watch this garbage their entire waking lives.


Clarence said...

Here's to our doofii overlords.

zman said...

zwoman inhaled these books after season 1 ended. As a result she's always like "You're not going to BELIEVE what's going to happen!" when we watch the show, ultimately causing me to guess what's going to happen. This ruined the Red Wedding for me. She now has the habit of just telling me what's about to happen since I'm so good at guessing. I suggest that you do not watch the show with her, or now with rob.

Mark said...

I love GoT but don't want it ruined for me and I'm definitely not reading those big ass books. I'm mostly a non-fiction reader. And I'm lazy.

rob said...

they seem smaller on kindle

TR said...

Narnia > Westeros

Mark said...

I won't be mad if Billy Donovan leaves Florida for the Thunder. He's done more for the Gator basketball program than anyone could've imagined when he was hired.

I will, however, be sad and fearful for the future.

T.J. said...

The Mets have won 10 straight games? The Mets have won 10 straight games. Good for them, and Whit, and Marls - they're an easy squadron to root for in recent years.