Friday, March 13, 2015

Does Anyone Have a Monkey I Can Borrow?

All the great bands have a song with "monkey" in the title . . . Monkey Man, Shock the Monkey, Monkey Gone to Heaven, Brass Monkey (and there are plenty more, check this list out) so why not Slouching Beast?

I'd like to shoot a music video for this song . . . does anyone have a pet monkey they can lend me? Preferably one that doesn't jump on your head and bite your ears.

Monkey in Your Mind

There's a monkey in your mind.
When the world becomes unkind,
there's a monkey in your mind.

Fling your feces
at the wall,
when the starlight
has you feeling small.

Clench your tiny fist, clench your tiny fist,
clench your tiny fist, clench your tiny fist.

There's a monkey in your man.
See the way he makes his little plan?
There's a monkey in your man.

He will leave you
in your time of need.
Scurry out the door,
retreat to the trees.


Danimal said...

From shlara's comment in last post....that must have involved a hospital visit and stomach pump followed by a come-to-jesus pow wow with the parents. Am I close?

Shlara said...

Very close Danimal
Winter formal, consumed nearly a fifth of vodka trying o keep up with a Lambo twice my size. I lost that competition because I ended up in the hospital--charcoal then the cops driving me home. And an $700 ER bill prompted a really awkward call with my parents, plus an uncomfortable meeting with the dean of students.

Stupidest thing I've ever done

Danimal said...

you should be proud. what you describe as the stupidest thing you've ever done was just a normal "Friday" for a few of our GTB brethren.

Clarence said...

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

TR said...

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Leaving Boston on train now. It was cold as balls today - morning temps in the teens with a nice bone-chilling breeze.

This winter won't stop sucking.

Mark said...

Temps in the 80s here in Florida, TR. I'll probably walk down to the beach later this afternoon.

My bad/stupid college stories don't involve any hospital trips but there were quite a few run ins with the law.

Danimal said...

little overcast here, just a little. mid-70's. running a 15k in the a.m. which will be followed by a.m. beers.

TR said...

Second paragraph of this link is amusing if you're immature like me. It's SFW unless you're in a very uptight work environment.

zman said...

Monkey Man. High seventies in Vegas. But I'm in a conference room all day.

rob said...

walked into backspace bar and 'story of my life' by social d was playing. it got better.

rob said...

meaning, it started great and then got better

T.J. said...

just ate some fried chicken poutine in Vancouver

fuck. and yeah.

Clarence said...

Hey, Rob- Marls and I got super shnockered at Backspace in January. Cool little joint.

rob said...

i could live at backspace. now on frenchman street.

mr kq said...

Love that Social D tune! Danimal I'll be joining you with am beers, skipping the 15k and heading down the pub with 10 or so mates to watch Ireland v Wales in a colossal 6N tilt in Cardiff. Huuuuge game fer Da Green who are 3-0 with only the Scots to follow. Wales lost to England in the opener but have come back strong. Epic tourney leading into RWC in Sept.

Holy Moly Shlara..

Mark said...

Frenchman St. I'm jealous. Hung out there all night my last New Orleans trip.

Still trying to fully wrap my head around fried chicken poutine. Not in a bad way. In a "holy shit that sounds amazing how come I've never thought of that?" way.

TR said...

Frenchman St was a big part of the Saturday night of my bachelor party. Great place to start the night. Random awesome bands. There was a guy selling nitrous on the street at the time. Hippie crack.

Mark said...

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but whatever. There was a store during my time in Gainesville that sold nitrous and was open 24 hrs. During my first two years they'd deliver it to your house.

TR said...

Jim James and Tom Morello doing Ghost of Tom Joad together on PBS at a Springsteen tribute? Giddyup.

zman said...

Some of you won't believe this but cigarette smoke irritates the daylights out of my eyes and throat. Living in a casino is awful.

TR said...

1995 Zman would not believe what 2015 Zman is saying.

TR said...

Duke's gonna win this.

Squeaky said...

TR, more fart facts:

Like farts in Dante's Inferno.

And we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. Thankfully only an inch but it has to end.

Mark said...

Sportscenter feature on Danimal's UNF Ospreys running today. Get some.