Monday, September 24, 2012

Punch Drunk Runners

I assume you don't really want to see a collection of photos from Ragnar DC, so I'll spare you. (Though they'll be popping up on Facebook over the next several days, I'm assured.) But I figured the people of G:TB would get a kick out of this one.

The population of my van consisted of me, my wife, two neighbors of ours, and two guys I hadn't met prior to running the race. When I returned to the van after hitting the rest room early in the race to find the message under the driver's side door, I knew I'd found kindred dipshit spirits. I wasn't disappointed. (In a preposterous coincidence, one of the guys I hadn't met is married to one of the late, great Dave Flynn's wife's best friends.)

Who's doing it with us next year? I can promise giddy, punch-drunk comedy, open air sleeping, milkshakes at 2:00 am in the presence of the cows that produced the milk, the occasional middle distance run, and well-earned postrace beers. See you at the starting line.


T.J. said...

what's a facebook?

Danimal said...

would like to do one of these fer sher. a handful from here doing florida keys in jan but think it's sold out.
keep me in mind though...if va/dc area could parlay into a fam trip.

Jerry said...

South Brunswick HS with a shout out on page 1 of Peter King's MMQB. This is as famous as we've ever been for anything.

Squeaky said...

Facts I find odd in coincidence: 21 years ago today Dr. Seuss passed away and Nirvana's Nevermind was released.

You could probably gather a team for next year with people from G:TB and FOG:TB.

zman said...

Sometimes fantasy football is confusing, like when you have Rodgers, Spiller, and Jamaaaal in one league and you're going against the guy who has Rodgers, Spiller, and Jamaaaal in another league. Should I be happy or bummed out?

T.J. said...

new Music Mondays post is up