Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Put Some Funk Into Your Hump Day

This song makes me happy. It could be linked with a post I made last week, but I believe I have already pushed beyond the group's tolerance for my thoughts on coital tendencies.

And the best part of the post (other than the tune, duh) is that most of these tags have been used before.


Clarence said...

Nice and funky, TR.

A few 80's gems on the radio this AM that fall into the Album 1 Track 1 goodness:

"I Want You Back," Hoodoo Gurus
"Ugly," Fishbone
"Happy Hour," Housemartins

mayhugh said...

TR, I think you like this one for your coital entrance theme merely for the sound effect of the train pulling into the station, an audio representation of a popular euphemism.

zman said...

zson developed a new game called "who hit me?" It goes like this: you sneak up behind someone and hit them, pinch them, headbutt them, whatever. Then the other person yells "who hit me?!" The person who does the hitting then laughs. He thinks this is a great game. He is the only person who willfully plays though.

Danimal said...

We are at the halfway point of Solo With Kids Week (or "single parenting" as some friends of fogtb say....joke for 2 or 3). I feel as if The Navy Seals Hell Week is easier than this. I need saving.