Thursday, February 12, 2015


The greater Boston area is in the throes of one of the epic snow events of our time, non-Randy Quaid version. Roughly 69" have fallen in Hopkinton over the past ten days, for example, with another 12"-18" on the way this weekend. Fortunately, we have a correspondent in the area to chronicle the devastation. FOG:TB Squeaky offers this photo/video essay:

Here are some photos and vines of the snow at our place. (Editor's note: Squeak is an adherent to the old adage, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.)

Feb 3rd before the last two storms (another 2+ feet of snow)

Earlier today after a lot of melting  

Plow guy (actually backhoe) cleaning up the driveway 

Stay safe, Squeak.


rob said...

those of you on the facebook already know this, but my daughter got named to the all-state middle school chorus yesterday. it's gratifying to know that someone in my family has some talent in something.


zman said...

I assume Squeaky's 6-year-old did the bulk of the shoveling.

Congrats rob. I assume her penchant for throwing up gang signs sealed the deal for the selection committee.

Squeaky said...

My son got named to the all-state kindergarten paste eating team last week, so there!

Actually Rob, that is pretty damn cool. Congrats to her.

Zman, he has two shovels and I've been making him climb the ladder to chip away at the ice dams with a small camping hatchet. Yeah, child labor.

rob said...

you guys are all helping squeaky dig out, huh? that's pretty cool.

Danimal said...

That's some serious precip yo. Here in fla everyone is bracing themselves for some seriously cold temps, perhaps as low as the high 20's. Looks like all school districts will be operating on schedule.

Danimal said...

And in other news, I booked a place for another upcoming l.a. Trip through Give it a look. Hotels there are nutty this time of year. Traveling with another and we don't do room a little pad in Venice Beach for a little more than what one room would cost. I'm an instant fan. Of course I am assuming I won't be the next Gimp victim.

Mark said...

Airbnb is good.

Somebody stole my favorite hoodie off the key rack at the gym this morning. Thanks, neighbor.