Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reader Submission Filler

Exactly as sent to me:

"If you really needa da filler. Ravioli, Testarosa, Northa Brunswick, Da Vinci..."

Five minutes later:

"Also I was behind a North Brunswick cop car today and the bumper sticker said:
"Report Crime!"


Dave said...

awesome return to form for jerry.

jerry, are you in middlesex county? if so, come by!

zman said...

It's "Testarossa." Not to be confused with Mentirosa:


Jerry said...

I'm heading back to The Commonwealth today -- just a quick trip to be bored with my parents and take some pictures of the local sites. We'll do some Middlesex Tips next time I'm up here.

Next year Gheorghefest II at the Carnevale?

Dave said...

i don't think the g:tb staff is ready for the carnevale-- but it is walking distance from my parent's house.