Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Eve Music Meld

You guys want to celebrate the world's sports party with some Bhangra, funk, rap, and jazz? Of course you do.

Also, Rapinoe!


zman said...

Thanks rob, we needed more flugelhorn around here.

Jerry said...

Rick Nash reaction - (how many people know who Rick Nash is?). The Rangers have accumulated/developed a lot of pretty good players over the past 5 years. It was time to consolidate some of them into a very good player. I like Dubinsky and Anisimov and I'm not happy to see them go, but it's not a bad price to pay. Dubinsky was one of the first homegrown, energetic, likable players in the Rangers resurgence, but he's topping out at a 3rd/2nd line guy. Nash (although I've rarely seen him play) appears to be the goods.

Mark said...

I know who Rick Nash is. He plays hockery very well. He's a forward type. I assume he's Canadian. He hasn't been on a great deal of winning teams from what I recall. This is the end of my Rick Nash knowledge.