Monday, November 21, 2011

Gheorghe Votes: The Atlantic 11 Poll, Week 2

Gheorghe: the Blog is now a voter in Dan Steinberg's weekly Atlantic 11 poll, a ranking of the local college hoops teams (the image below is blatantly ripped right from Dan's DC Sports Bog). Here's last week's poll results. Below you will find my ballot for this week, with a few snarky comments where appropriate. Enjoy, or don't. I don't really care one way or the other.

1. Georgetown (2-0) 
The Hoyas finally play a real team today (Monday), facing #11 Kansas in the Maui Invitational. Once the game is done, Georgetown will actually head west, to wrap up some unfinished business with those punks from the Bayi Rockets.

2. Virginia (3-1)
The Cavaliers dropped a game to TCU lost week, 57-55, but then defeated Drexel by the aesthetically unappealing final of 49-35. Both teams shot abysmally (is that a word?) in that game, with the Cavaliers winning solely on the strength of 14 more made free throws than the Dragons.

3. Virginia Tech (3-0)
Someone let me know when the Hokies actually play somebody. East Tennessee State, Monmouth and FIU don't count. Well, don't mention FIU to George Mason though, they might beg to differ on that one.

4. Old Dominion (3-2)
Blaine Taylor's squad only lost by 10 to the #2 team in the country, Kentucky. For right now, that gets you a lofty spot in these rankings. Lose upcoming games to Vermont and East Carolina and the Monarchs will drop accordingly.

5. George Mason (2-2)
The Patriots lost to Isiah Thomas' team. As the kids say, LOLZ. If Mason plays a school from Florida that goes by an acronym (FIU, FAU), they will lose. Proven fact. Hope they don't have USF on the schedule. Or UCF. Hold on...all these damn Florida schools go by acronyms.

6. VCU (2-2)
The Rams are one of many (all) CAA teams struggling out of the gate. We'll call it a Final Four hangover. On a related note, the #HalfBid4CAA hashtag has been born.

7. Maryland (2-2)
Terps got absolutely worked by Iona out of the MAAC Sunday, losing by 26 to the Gaels. Mark Turgeon is very mad. You don't want to see Mark Turgeon when he is mad. He actually has a personality then. Maybe he should teach that to Randy Edsall.

8. Richmond (3-1)
Spiders had a two win week, albeit with wins over Sacred Heart and Hampton. But, it's early, and this poll has some truly turrrrible teams, so it keeps them ranked. Plus, I'm lazy.

9. George Washington (1-1)
The Colonials allowed me to judge a dunk contest at their Midnight Madness event. That earns them a 9th place vote. It's my ballot, I'll do what I want (cue Cartman "Maury" clip). Name to watch: GW guard Tony Taylor, from Sleepy Hollow, NY. He's the Rip Van Winkle of A-10 hoops. I have no idea what that actually means.

10. William and Mary (1-5)
I don't care how much they suck this year, they will always be my vote for 10th place. Fun stat rob just sent me: "Tribe has a 57:98 assist to turnover ratio." That's good for 309th in the country (out of 345 D-1 teams). Awesome work, fellas.


rob said...

eats carolina would be a great name for a restaurant

rob said...

w&m @ howard on saturday at 2:00. who wants to come with me?

T.J. said...

Nice catch, tiny. Fixed.

Danimal said...

a lot of credibility there...william & mary in front of jmu. or anyone for that matter. shameful.

T.J. said...

JMU will now be lucky to ever receive a vote. No nice things for you, danimal.

zman said...

It would be awesome to read about GW's dunk contest. Too bad none of our writers attended. Instead we're stuck with my Bills nonsense.

T.J. said...

Here read this, I know this guy:

T.J. said...

For danimal:

#12 - The stoopid JMU Dukes (1-1)
Beat Canisius from the MAAC. Lost to La Salle, who played without Lionel Simmons and Randy Woods. JMU is currently 38th in the nation in scoring, at 82.5 ppg.

Danimal said...

i won't ask who #11 is. probably shenandoah u.

Danimal said...

shit, you probably DO have them at 11...see coach's bio.

T.J. said...

A Siena and William & Mary connection? I am definitely voting for these guys next week.

T.J. said...

I had fun wasting some time here:

TR said...

Is that a link to William & Mary?

zman said...

Crystal City Cafe?

T.J. said...

This is fantastic:

Shlara said...

Rob--I'll go to the W&M game on Saturday