Tuesday, February 14, 2017

World Music Tuesday

What, you're not familiar with World Music Tuesday? Maybe you should pay better attention.

One of my favorite Tuareg rock, folk, blues bands released their newest album last week. Tinariwen, featured here previously, has an amazing backstory, full of legitimate danger and intrigue (and Roy Orbison), and a dizzying melange of influences on their unique sound.

Dig their new single, Sastanaqqam, from their album, Elwan:


zman said...

My favorite Touareg is the one with 12 cylinders.

rob said...

12?!? you fucking stud.

zman said...

Based on the stunning silence here I assume everyone is still mad about Dieselgate.

Clarence said...

Is that when John Riggins said "Loosen up, Sandy baby" to Sandra Day O'Connor and then passed out drunk under the table at the State dinner?

Shlara said...

Desus & Mero regularly do their own commentary over nature videos--lions, groundhogs, apes, etc.
It's hilarious.
If you're not watching yet--get on that

James Wood said...

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