Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day! Listen to The Test With Your Mom

This week's episode of The Test is rather apropos for today-- it's about how some things are based on other things, and there is no denying the fact (though many of you would like to) that we are all based (partly) on the DNA of our mothers . . . aside from our clone overlords, whom I welcome with open arms.

Cunningham nearly cries, Stacey does medium, and I determine that I am far better looking than Tina Fey (not everyone agrees). Check it out and tell your mom to listen too.



TR said...

Hubie Brown just said that Kyrie Irving was one of the best in the game at jerking off the defender. So he's got that going for him.

T.J. said...

Shannon graduated college yesterday.

Achievement Unlocked: Reverse Parenting

rob said...

bryce harper has seen 27 pitches today against the cubs. he has swung at zero of them. walked six times and hit by a pitch once. barry bonds-level shit.

Shlara said...

Guys--check out the Invictus Games--opening ceremony on ESPN2 now. Competition runs for the next few days.
It's incredibly inspiring.

And I had the fortune of working with US Captain Will Reynolds a few years ago--really great guy--maybe one of the best athletes I've ever worked with.

rob said...

david ortiz is ageless. got those good red beans and rice.

rob said...

katie nolan was engineered in a lab to be the perfect woman for a certain segment of white bros, right? also, i wish we had one of her when i was 25.