Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Test 45: Borderline Insanity

I had an insanely productive Sunday today, and I'd like to commemorate it here at G:TB. In no particular order, I accomplished these tasks:

1) switched the laundry
2) purchased fifteen bags of black mulch (on sale) at Home Depot
3) did the dishes and cleaned the sink
4) swept and vacuumed
5) hung two hooks (for hats)
6) went for a forty-five minute run (with the dog)
7) coached a soccer game
8) watched my other son play in a soccer game (two victories!)
9) gave the dog a bath
10) helped my wife carry in the groceries
11) edited the newest episode of The Test

While I am very proud of all the tasks I accomplished on this beautiful and sunny Sunday, the only one you need to concern yourself with is the newest episode of The Test. I'm rarely this straightforward but:


I introduce the topic with a musical riddle, and Stacey and Cunningham give it the old college try, but things go down a dark road fairly quickly. There's depression, disgust, self-reflection, and plenty of geography. If you haven't listened yet, this is the one to start with. If you're a fan, you'll love it.

So give it a shot . . . what's the worst thing that could happen? The only thing on the line is your self-esteem.


TR said...

I do not have such a detailed list of accomplishments for the day, but I did stoically accept vomit splatter on my arms and legs from my 6 y/o, who barfed when our plane home landed. Our neighbors on the plane were unenthused about things.

zman said...

Sounds like our last trip to Pete and Elda's with me playing the role of the barfing 6 y/o.

zman said...

How 'bout those JPP photos in SI? Skiddit.

zman said...

I suspect that the cause of Sandoval's swollen shoulder is Fenway franks and/or Anna's Tacqueria.

zman said...

I've received three panhandling emails from William and Mary in the past 168 minutes (one too few!) asserting that today is "TR1BE DAY" and also that "'One Tribe One Day' is TODAY!". It's stuff like this that makes me wish Al Gore never invented the internet.

rob said...

just pay the man his money, z

zman said...

All night long, check check check.