Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bite Me Randy Newman

Football is a game played by behemoths, generally speaking. It's not usually the province of the littles, which makes the odd Darren Sproles, or Trindon Holliday, or Eddie LeBaron all the more compelling to those of us who celebrate BMRN.

Enter Ryan Lewis, a newly-minted member of the wee tribe. The 5'9", 164-pound freshman at Auburn turned the game on its head this weekend, using his size to his advantage, performing a bit of gridiron jujitsu against Texas A&M.

Lewis' 28-yard scamper was his first-ever collegiate touch, and clearly was the catalyst for Auburn's 26-10 win in College Station. Texas A&M lineman Chris Jones still doesn't know where Lewis went.

Can't hit what you can't see, you big, slow doofuses.

Bite Me, Randy Newman.


TR said...

Danny Woodhead is pissed off about this post.

rob said...

wes welker was, too, but he forgot about it.

too soon? too dick?

Whitney said...

So is "Soapy" Shapiro

Dave said...

rob could run that trick play (and he wouldn't even have to crouch).

can't believe that's not the first comment . . .