Monday, August 03, 2015

The Aliens Are Already Here

I've done a few (very) moderately adventurous things over the past couple of years, but Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison's exploits make even the most ardent human thrill seeker seem couch bound. Maddison, increasingly considered the heir to Evel Knievel's throne, has scaled the replica Arc de Triomphe at Paris in Las Vegas, flown across the Corinth Canal in Greece, and backflipped on the Tower Bridge in London, all on a motorbike.

Oh, and now, he's surfed Teahupoo. Also on a motorbike. It's as preposterous as it sounds.

Happy Monday, fellow office drones. May you get your adrenaline up by spinning as fast as you can in your desk chair.


TR said...

True Detective is a hot mess. Never a good sign in the second-to-last episode when our heroes sit together and have a 2-minute dialogue to try to explain all the crap that's happening, b/c it's so convoluted to the audience. They had to do that twice in last night's episode.

Picking Vince Vaughn was the worst casting decision in the history of ever.

TR said...

And that biker dude totally dropped in on the wrong section of the wave. Wrong wave altogether, actually. Was a total close-out.

He dies if he falls, right? With the gear and the helmet and the 500 lb pound bike in the whitewater, it would not be pretty.

zman said...

Vaughn is remarkably wooden. His Mexican standoff line was great, but otherwise he's been a dud. I guess he's good in comic roles but not as evil/murderous nightclub/casino managers. They need another romantic scene from Alexandra Daddario to save this season, IMHO.

I would be pissed off if a donkey on a pontooned dirtbike decided to gleam to cube within five feet of me while I was lazily paddling around on my boogie board.

zman said...

Since 2005, the Patriots have a cumulative point differential of 1610, best in the league. The next-best teams are the Chargers (845), Packers (809), Steelers (801), and Colts (609). I find this stunning.

Mark said...

Agreed on Vaughn. He's out of his element.

Not only was it bad that True Detective had to have its characters break down everything that's happened. Even that breakdown scene was so jumbled and confusing that I had to rewind it and listen through a second time to make sure I caught everything.

TR said...

It really just comes down to Holloway. And Tasha. And Blake. And Dixon. And Osip. And Davis. And Stan, of course.

rob said...

the daily beast, not happy with robbie maddison:

We’ve reached peak X-Game Bro-lympics adrenaline junkiness, and gunning your dirt bike down the face of a wave is (literally) jumping the shark.

Clarence said...

But is it Gheorghey?

We can tolerate dumb all day along.

zman said...

Don't forget about the hard drive. Or Rick Springfield.