Monday, October 05, 2015

And Now For Something Completely...What the Fuck?

We had a rare family movie outing this weekend, piling into the truckster to head to a local cinema to catch a screening of Everest. It's a fine film, based on the events chronicled by Jon Krakauer in 'Into Thin Air'. It's beautifully shot, moving and suspenseful, even though I knew the outcome. (Spoiler alert: they don't all make it.)

But this post isn't about a movie. 

The theater we visited was a modern multiplex, with draft beer and decent food on offer, and in-film waiter service. I can't go back to the old days, frankly, where you got your popcorn greasy and your soda large, and you liked it. 

In addition to the gustatory amenities, the theater took some risks with the pre-show entertainment. No trite trivia or celebrity puffery here. We were treated to a loop of 30s-era government films about mountaineering, black and white art films on various alpine settings, and visually beautiful if somewhat jarring adventure skiing bloopers.

And then there was this:

After a minute or so of progressively more amused incredulity, I realized that I knew this song. It's a cover. And the original is equally ridiculous in its own way:

Have a blessed week, boys and girls. And remember, life is life.


Clarence said...

Top 10 Austrian Rock acts of all time:

1. Falco

2. Opus

3. Christina Stürmer

4-10. ???

Clarence said...

And check out Maradona warming up and dancing to the Opus song.

zman said...

I loved the scene in Boogie Nights where guy from the Opus video sings Sister Christian.

zman said...

Is that Oscar Schindler at 0:38 in the first video?

rob said...

i couldn't help thinking, 'this is otto wolfcastle's music'

rob said...

matt williams, dead. metaphorically speaking.

rob said...

stephen a smith blazing new trails in ginormous assholery and journalists making themselves the story.

TR said...

CC picking now to go to rehab tells me that he is in hot water with either his wife or the Toronto authorities (after a near brawl in the street there).

I don't want to make light of an illness, but the dude makes $23 million per year and is needed this October.*

*assumes the Yanks will win on Tuesday, which they won't.

Mark said...

Can't say I agree with you on the importance/value of pitching in the playoffs over rehab.

zman said...

This post has been up for 12 hours and no one commented on the archer's bare breasts at the start of the first video. We're getting old.

TR said...

I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself about my 5:30 AM flight. On the flip side, the Newark security process is pretty clean at 4:30 AM.