Thursday, December 14, 2017

Your Wildest Dreams: A RnRHof Update

Two months ago today, we filled you dedicated readers in on the latest batch of nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In addition to the roster of talent, I gave you my predictions as to who would get the nod this year:

And here are the results:

16 out of 19 nominees correct, not including the statement that Knopfler's band SHOULD be in.  That's 84%, not fratty (16/19 is) but a low B average.  We will take another crack at it next year and see how we measure up -- perhaps including all of GTB's Music Department staff.

In the meantime, we present you the soon-to-be-inducted rockers:
  • Bon Jovi
  • The Cars
  • Dire Straits
  • Moody Blues
  • Nina Simone
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe
It's not just Dave who thinks the Moody Blues is a marginal selection.  As much as I drone on about art being subjective in its valuation, inclusion in a Hall of Fame is somewhat less so.  Discography volume, chart positions, and presence across the globe can be quantified to a degree; impact on other musicians and ultimate place in the hearts of rock and roll fans is a harder metric to tally.

Anyway, the Moody Blues seemed lacking, but they have more hits than most folks realize, including the title of this post -- a song that littered soft rock radio about the time the Mets last won the World Series.

More importantly, Dire Straits and The Cars are in at long last.

It's a bummer that Ben Orr passed away years ago, diminishing the otherwise great fun of watching The Cars take the stage.  I believe all of the original DS players are still with us, so that could be entertaining.  The inductions and accompanying concert show usually shows up on cable in March or April.

For now, here's a playlist of tunes from those that got the call.  Enjoy.


Danimal said...

The Cars, The Cars - the first album I learned the lyrics to in its entirely by listening to incessantly in the basement of our house while sitting at the drink in hand at that point. As I look at the tunes on this album, I loved each and every one except "I'm In Touch With Your World"...If you had to pull a song from that album - that was the one. That song sucked.

Danimal said...

Worst songs on all-time great albums....GO!

Whitney said...

Octopus's Garden comes to mind.

Possibly true for any Ringo song…

Whitney said...

"Four Horsemen" off London Calling is skippable.

"Mother" on Synchronicity was a bit of a bad joke.

zman said...

I like Octopus's Garden. So there.

Dave said...

"kashmir," hands down. love zeppelin and physical graffitti, hate that song.

duh ne nuh duh ne nuh duh ne nuh duh ne nuh. weeerrnoro weernorowo orro we ahhh. repeat for 8 minutes.

anyway, glad whit put his foot down with the moody blues. how does radiohead not get in? very silly.

Whitney said...

Wow-- listening to Dire Straits on Spotify because, you know, and "Les Boys" from Making Movies came on. Jarringly not awesome.

I also remember reading a review of The Cult's Electric that praised the whole album except for their cover of "Born to Be Wild." As I recall, the reviewer said something like that version should have been taken out back and shot.

Whitney said...

And I like Kashmir. So there.

rootsminer said...

Pretty good predicting Whit. I love that first Dire Straits album.

Dave said...

i love dire straits so much and i hate that les boys song so much. serious cognitive dissonance.

Dave said...

"wake up time for freedom." jeesh.

TR said...

Mark Ratner would strenuously disagree w/ the Kashmir call.

How about Piss on the Wall from J Geils Band’s Freeze Frame album?

And Think about You from Appetite for Destruction is weak, IMO.

Whitney said...

(You're So) Physical mars an otherwise extraordinary Kings of the Wild Frontier album by Adam and the Ants. A number of the fans seem to like that song quite a bit, but I'm just not getting it. I feel certain you all agree with me.